Sunday, July 27, 2014

California, Here We Come

Warning Picture OVERLOAD!!!

  We flew into California May 20th but it was too early to check into the hotel so we went to the beach first.

 Later we went to check in at Newport Coast Villas.  (Our favorite Marriott!)
Matt went with his friend Christian to a Angels game while me and the kids stayed at the hotel
and got to play with our California cousins.

 May 21st we went to Newport Beach.  Road the ferry and enjoyed breakfast at Ruby's.  

 Later the Morris family arrived.  We spent the evening at the hotel pool and BBQing.

 We didn't get around to doing smores till a little later so we had to hide in the kitchen to eat them so Kenzie and Milo didn't see us and want some.

May 22nd
 I am a Disney freak!  I love love love it.  I would be happy if every vacation I ever took for the rest of my life was Disneyland.  Anyway I knew it was the happiest place on earth but it is even happier when you get go with your own kids.  I had so much fun watching Milo.

Kenzie and Milo loved the princesses!

Piper and Sloan enjoying the Pixar Parade!

 Ok seriously Cars Land is AMAZING!  

 May 23rd.  Back as Disneyland!

 This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.
 Milo loved Bugs land I think the most.  He likes all of the rides there.

 Come on who doesn't love lightning McQueen?

 Disney shirts.  I couldn't get Matt to wear one.

 May 24th we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

 Later that night we met up with Matt's cousin Cameren.
 The 25th we had to go home but we decided to take a later flight out and enjoy a few more hours at the beach!  

One of the best trips ever!  I am so grateful we were able to go.  Can't wait till next time.

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